FCRA Renewal

How can we know, what is the status of application of FCRA renewal? This is the question, every organization is asking now days. Yes, if you are waiting regarding any communication from FCRA department at MHA, regarding FCRA renewal status, here are some info for you.

Time limit for FCRA Renewal?

As per section 16 (3) of FCR Act, 2010, renewal certificate should be issued withing 90 days from the date of the application received.

Steps to Track Renewal Status

Step1 : Go to fcraonline.nic.in

Step 2: On the Right Side of the page, click Track Application in the Menu Item.

Step 3: Select FCRA Renewal Status from the list.

Step 4: Enter 10 digit file number of FC3 Receipt and enter captcha (access code)

When to apply? Before six months of expiry

In which Form? FC-3

Fees for Renewal? ₹5000

Way of Payment? By Card

Consequences for non-renewal Certificate of Registration deemed to have ceased and NGO has to apply for fresh Certificate of Registration.

Now, you can make a call back request for FCRA advisory i.e. available to all NGOs & Banks for FREE by Ozg Law.

Ozg services includes –

=> Detailed assessment and advisory on status of compliance with provisions of FCRA 2010 and FCRR 2011.

=> Advisory on returns and information submitted to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in terms of compliance with the Act and Rules.

=> Advisory on maintenance of proper and prescribed books of accounts in compliance with provisions of Act and Rules.

=> Guidance on steps to be initiated for advance preparation of application for renewal of FCRA registration.

=> Advisory on present constitution of governing body in terms of compliance with Act and Rules.

=> Advisory on the relationship of your NGO with its donor organizations within the frame of rules and acts of FCRA.

=> Advisory on designated FCRA bank account operations.

===> Email: ask@fcra.in

===> Join @ facebook.com/FCRAregistration

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