Transfer of FCRA Funds - FCRA-NGO to Non-FCRA-NGO

  • In new FCRA, it is possible to Re-Grant or Transfer funds to any NGO including non-fcra NGOs but can not transfer to organization to which has been processed against under any provision of the Act.

  • Apply to Central Government in Form FC-10 for approval of Transfer.

  • Any transfer of FC shall be reflected in Form FC-6 and Form FC-10 by the transferor and recipient.

  • In case of Transfer to Unregistered Organisation:-
  1. => FC-10 is to be countersigned by District Magistrate having jurisdiction in the place where the transferred funds are sough to be utilized.
  2. => Time limit to be taken by DM is 60 days.
  3. => Maximum fund transferred to Unregistered NGO is 10% of total FC fund received by transferor.
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